What Behavioral Economics Can Teach You About Online Dating

Logan is a two-time SXSW speaker who’s worked closely with the SXSW Executive Team to add more relationships-based content to the festival. She gave a 2017 Intelligent Future talk on “What Behavioral Economics Can Teach You About Online Dating” and presented a 2018 workshop called “Design For Love: Design Thinking + Relationships.” She’s currently in the running to present at SXSW 2019 (Learn to Love Smarter Using Behavioral Science).

She’s taught workshops at General Assembly and the Assemblage, and presented at The White House, Dublin Startuponomics, the ROI Conference in Jerusalem, and Design Action Miami.

In this talk Logan applies lessons from the field of behavioral economics to help you improve your dating life, including how to select the best profile pic, avoid "Tinder's grass is always greener phenomenon," and recover from a bad first impression.


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Designing For Love

Logan delivered her TED talk in June as part of the 2018 TED Residency. She explains how couples can use behavioral science-based techniques like the "check-in ritual" to invest in long-term relationships.

Coming to TED in Winter 2018.


“Finally, let’s talk about colonoscopies. Daniel Kahneman found that in certain situations, his patients actually preferred colonoscopies that were three minutes longer. How could that be? Well, in this experiment he ended the exams in a slightly less painful way. He demonstrated the power of something called the “peak-end rule.” We disproportionately remember things based on how they end.”

— Logan Ury at Ignite